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Cement Lining Tech.

Company: United States Pipe and Foundry Company, Inc.
Location: Union City
Posted on: June 6, 2021

Job Description:

Primary Function:

To apply a uniform and consistent coat of paint to the inside diameter and outside diameter of pipe. To weigh up and load a specified quantity of cement, sand and water in a power mixer and create a satisfactory batch by activating power mixer. To apply a uniform and consistent cement lining to the inside diameter of pipe through the operation of cement lining machinery. To patch and repair the cement lining in pipe and to clean and remove cement and water from bell sockets. Uses compressed air to clean moisture and debris from the inside surface of pipe. Covers pipe data on outside of pipe surface with masking tape. Insure that pipe are properly aligned on pipe skids.

Tools and Equipment:

Paint machine equipment, brushes and scrapers, push button and switch controls, touch screen control, air hose, water hose, paint tips, pry bar, masking tape, duct tape, plastic / garbage bag, 3 & 5 gal buckets, channel lock pliers, 30 & 55 gal. drums, scales, cement mixer and jackhammer, sledge hammer, temperature gun, pressure washer, dust collector, slump gauge, and stop watch, cement lining machine, pipe truck, sump pump, spear gauge, brick hammer, screwdriver, rodding pole, chipping hammer, tape measure and bar code scanning equipment, air chisel, needle gun, razor knife, trowels, brushes, wheelbarrow, shovels, pipe wrenches, bars, brooms, vacuum, retainer seat tool. Computer equipment, pencils, pens, marking crayons, paper, and hand controlled overhead crane, slings and cables.

Materials Handled:

Pipe, masking tape, thinner and paint, felt paper, plastic, sand, cement and water, cement additives Delvo and Rhoplex, cement batch, air tool oil, paint brushes, paint rollers, labels, standard forms.

Working Procedure:

  1. Assist pipe truckers in sorting pipe on pre-cement lining runs.

  2. Assist lining machine operators with routine maintenance and clean up of equipment.

  3. Assist in the rolling of pipe and the transporting of pipe from the large diameter pipe runs to the cement lining department.

  4. Determines pipe lining and painting specifications according to type of pipe and by referring to daily pipe schedule document and marks pipe accordingly. Enters the information using a touch screen computer.

  5. Calibrate pipe aligner with first pipe before starting line.

  6. Scans bar code label on each pipe.

  7. Cleans inside diameter of pipe with compressed air-hose removing debris and moisture.

  8. Covers pipe data with masking tape.

  9. Visually inspects pipe lining to insure that lining is sufficiently dry and free of voids or lumps before painting.

  10. Visually inspects outside surface of pipe and cleans any cement overspray from spigot end of pipe before painting.

  11. Uses push buttons, switches and levers to activate paint machine equipment and applies a consistent and uniform coat of paint to inside diameter of the pipe and to the outside surface of the pipe. Keeps excess paint cleaned from lance, spray heads and paint skids. Changes paint tips as needed.

  12. Responsible for keeping inside paint tanks filled. Insures paint pumps and lines are properly washed out.

  13. Causes the discharge of sand and cement from overhead hoppers. Weighs and releases the sand and cement into cement mixer according to a specified quantity for each batch

  14. Adds a specified amount of water to the cement mixer for each batch. Activates mixer and thoroughly mixes batch. Takes and records batch slump every hour.

  15. Operates valves to dump batch from mixer into cement lining machine.

  16. Cleans mixing machine by washing out and chipping out solid particles of cement.

  17. Assists lining machine operator with cleaning of lance, spray head, and monyo pump hoppers.

  18. Sets and adjusts lance height, moyno pump, and lance car speed and pipe spin time for required lining thickness and according to diameter of pipe.

  19. Uses push button controls to elevate pipe into cement lining station. Uses buttons and switches to activate pipe kicker and pipe aligner so as to properly position pipe for elevator. Activates cement lining machine to apply cement lining to the inside diameter of pipe. Checks lining thickness with the spear gauge and records it.

  20. Visually inspects pipe linings for any defects and performs repair procedures so as to insure that lining is smooth and uniform.

  21. Visually inspect pipe bell socks for any debris and cleans bell sockets removing cement, water or other matter which may be present.

  22. Uses retainer tool to check entire retainer seat to ensure it is free of waste. Uses vacuum and sponge to remove all water from bell. Visually inspects pipe O.D. and removes any cement which may be present.

  23. Identifies by serial number, like diameter, bell type, class, lining, coating, etc. and determines the pipe to be placed into bundles.

  24. Records a daily inventory of loose pipe and coordinates the application of loose pipe into pipe bundles.

  25. Coordinates the replacement of pipe (due to defect, etc.) in bundles and makes necessary computer adjustments so as to ensure accurate packaging slip information.

  26. Visually checks inside and outside surface of pipe bell for adequate amount of paint and uses brushes, paint rollers and paint to correct.

  27. Records daily "wash-out" pipe and other non-conforming products and reasons for defects.

  28. Uses hand controlled overhead crane to remove "wash-out" pipe from the run.

  29. Prints the pipe identification labels and places them on the corresponding pipe.

  30. Writes packaging slip numbers on the corresponding pipe bundles.

  31. Rolls pipe and keeps pipe in proper alignment on the pipe runs to keep pipe moving in process.

  32. Pumps out cement left in hoppers and wash them out.

  33. Insures pumps are cleaned out.

  34. Disconnect and hook up moyno pump line to high pressure and flush them out thoroughly.

  35. Wash down loose cement from the curtains and floor pan underneath the curtains and slinger heads.

  36. Remove hopper plugs from the bottom of the hoppers.

  37. Assists in the removal of pipe from pipe runs and the stacking of pipe on timbers when necessary.

  38. Assists in the removal of pipe from the storage yard and the placement of pipe on pipe runs.

  39. When rolling and charging cold pipe, applies padding material to crane hooks.

  40. Checks to ensure correct class and size of pipe are placed together on the pre-cement lining yard.

  41. Performs other duties as assigned by Managers or Supervisors.

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